現在 完了 形 例文。 現在完了形・例文集

🖐 疑 How long have you been waiting for her here? She has lived in Japan since she was 10 years old. 現在完了進行形 会話 Q: Have you been staying home? なるほど、それだとわかりやすいね! 経験を表す例文 I have been to London three times. You've bought a new car, haven't you? [例] I have been to Japan twice. 肯 I have been waiting for thirty minutes. I have had this painting since I was a child. A Where has your sister gone? 【状態の継続という考え方】 (ア)I have played soccer from fifth grade. ただ、例文として紹介しましたが、 このような疑問文を言うことは少なく、 疑問詞のHow long「どの位の間」を用いて 以下のように質問することが多いです。 We've been married for five years. あなたはいつこのシステムでそれが起きていたのを見たのです? 🔊 Play From when have you been working at this company? How many times have you climbed Mt. We've sold every seat for the event. The meeting has been canceled. How long have you 過去分詞 ~? = It 's been two years~ 私が最後にトムに会って から 2年に なります。


🖕 She has already read the book. Has she visited the park four times? The picture has already arrived at the museum. Have you ever seen a flying saucer? (彼らはすでに昼食を食べましたか?) Jim has not drawn a picture. ) 受け身の現在完了(完了) 肯 This song has been sung by a lot of singers. (わたしは今朝からテニスをしていない) Has he been sleeping for 10 hours? (わたしはこの本を読んでいる) He has not been doing his homework for 1 hour. I've used a similar PC before. (もう本を読み終えましたか?) — No, not yet. [例] Has she read this book yet? [例] When did you finish your houmework? (私は買い物にいった) Ich bin nach Hause gegangen. How many times have you ever been abroad? [例] I have lived here since I was three years old. 《応用》は高校範囲の内容もあり 肯 The floor has just been waxed. 【例文】 She had lived in San Francisco for a long time before she moved to New York. 疑 A How many times have you been to Tokyo DisneySea? He has been studying Spanish for five years. She has visited the museum twice. My brother has just gone to bed. 主語が heや sheなどの 3人称単数の場合は haveを hasに変えてくださいね。 Have you been mixing curry? the Statesは アメリカ、 foreign countryは 外国です。


🤜 it is は例外 How long is it since you came to Japan? I've been studying English for ten years. Has this famous painting been stolen before? (過去形) I finished my work. たとえば、以下は英語でどう表現すればよいのでしょうか? 「いつから風邪をひいているのですか?」 「いつからこの会社で働いているのですか?」 この記事では、会話でよく使う when という単語を使って、実際によく使う例文のみを厳選してまとめました。


🌭 話を聞いていましたか? Have you been following the conversation? I have just sent an email to him. He has been awarded prizes more than ten times. 」 現在完了形[継続]の疑問文 上の肯定文でhaveを主語の前に出し、 文末にクエッションマークを置くと 疑問文になります。


😩 肯 I 've been reading the news about New York. 彼女は今までにあなたにランチを奢ったことはありますか? treat ~に奢る、ご馳走する Yes, she has. My proposal has been rejected. (彼女は4回その公園を訪れたことがある) Have they eaten lunch yet? 現在完了形の「完了」の例文 I have already finished summer homework. (この前の月曜日から雨が降っている) Has she been overdoing things recently? ) 【経験】 ・ Have you ever climbed Mt. He has recently published a book. 比較になっているので…look prettier on me than this colorと言った言葉が省略されていることが予期されます。 肯 B I have been there many times. Emma has just painted the doghouse. I have been studying since this morning. He hasn't(has not)arrived there yet. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup? 彼女はどれくらい英語を勉強していますか? How long has she been learning English? I have not been to the States,in fact,I have not been to a foreign country. 【例文】 I had already left home when my parents called me. [例] She has gone to London. ) 【継続】 ・I have not called her since 2010. It is two years since I saw Tom last. She has left the office already. 現在完了形の「結果」の例文 I have lost the key. Has he arrived there yet? ネイティブの意見も分かれるようで、どちらも可能? 肯 I have been playing the piano for 10 years. 」 現在完了形[完了]の疑問文 上の肯定文でhaveを主語の前に出し、 justを取って文末にyet「もう」を置き、 文末にクエッションマークを置くと 疑問文になります。 ・I lived in Nagoya for 5 years. I have played soccer 「from fifth grade」. 現在完了 肯 I have lived in Tokyo for ten years. I have just finished my homework. The package has already been sent out. (私は歯を磨いた) Ich bin zur Schule gegangen. Have you ever seen this book? take the garbage out または take out the garbage ごみを出す I have tried the restaurant once. これが現在形で Witches wear this color. How many times have you been to Sado Island? ) I have lived here for two years. [例] I lived in Japan when I was high school student. [例] How many times have you read the book? I have been eating all day. (わたしは3年間この市に住んでいる) He has already finished his homework. We have known each other for years. 」 I have been to London before. How many times has Ryo been abroad? The PCs have broken down. 例えば、 I have lived in Germany for 3 years. I've been to Los Angeles three times. Yuri has never ridden a horse. Have you lived in Paris since 2010? 肯 The girl has been playing this video game for an hour. (私は顔を洗った) Ich habe mich geduscht. My mother has gone to her hometown. Ich bin um 7 Uhr aufgestanden. How many times have you 過去分詞 ・・・? We have been successfully working in this field since 1990. The problem has been removed. (私は約束があった) Ich bin einkaufen gegangen. ・He has just finished his homework. I don't(do not) live in Paris. <現在完了の例の説明> 対して、現在完了の例文「I have lost my pen. 答 肯 She has been sick since last month. Akira hasn't come home from school yet. (私は家に帰った) Ich bin mit dem Zug nach Hause gefahren. ) 微妙なニュアンスではありますが、今も継続中であることを強調したい場合は現在完了進行形を使ってみると、文章内の良いアクセントになりそうです👍 こういった少し細かい表現を意識的に使ってみることで、魅力的な英語表現ができるようになりますね🤗 【最後に】現在完了形は使い方が分かると便利!英語ならではのイメージを定着させよう いかがでしたか? 今回は現在完了形の使い方とつくり方をご紹介しました。







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